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We exist to provide a forum where decision makers from business, government & academia in Nigeria, Switzerland and the international community can meet to discuss future trends, common concerns and hopefully find solutions.

The International Business Forum provides information about business opportunities in the Nigerian, Swiss and international marketplace. It is intended for companies wishing to export or expand into foreign markets as well as for those interested to acquire products, know-how, research incentives and services from other countries.

The operations of the Business Forum are very simple and are totally dependent upon and directed for the benefit of our members and participants. Even the way we choose which subjects on which to hold forums each year and who to put forward as an expert speaker depends entirely upon our members, the process we use is as follows.

Our members first agree to hold a meeting on a particular subject.


We then go out to the stakeholders in the private and public sector asking them to recommend expert speakers from an organization which has already performed the service or supplied the product involved for them on time, within budget and with whom or which they are completely satisfied.

We then approach this expert and ask them to provide us with a speaker and sponsor events to be help.

Most sponsors jump at the chance to participate. For example we are going to bring a number of their potential clients into a room at the same time, for far less than it would cost them to do it themselves. The result therefore is that many corporate entities struggles to be part of this enterprising venture by offering far ranging sponsorships to reach as much potential clients as possible.

Notices related to International Business Opportunities are posted here. Companies may place announcements relating to products, services and investment opportuinities, offered and required, as well as notices about potential business relationships, such as agencies, distributorships, joint ventures… The forums provide an opportunity for you to discuss business issues with other business people from Nigeria, Switzerland and the international community, and receive and offer advice on any business problems that you or other members may have.