History & Network

Through a sound network of business, legal and financial experts in Nigeria, Switzerland and in other partner countries, NBF-SWISS advices, arranges and informs about bilateral and multilateral economic and political relations and mediates in eventual upcoming disputes and difficulties.

In furtherance of its aims and objectives, NBF-SWISS constantly builds and maintains good and regular relations with local authorities, diplomatic representations, commercial and political organizations, business enterprises and social bodies of the countries SWITZERLAND-NIGERIA as well as with additional interested countries and the international community.


In its efforts to maintain and enforce discipline, rigor and confidence in business transactions with Nigeria, NBF-SWISS searches for and recommends reliable partners to foreign and local investors and competent Western firms for specific projects and contracts in Nigeria. To achieve these objectives, NBF-SWISS advocates zero tolerance for fraud and scamming in all its ramifications as well as other related dishonest and unlawful practices.

With over 80% of investments opportunities still untapped and a double-digit investments return, Nigeria stands out as the investment haven of modern Africa and constitutes thereby one of the largest markets among the developing countries. Switzerland, though a small country by size, boasts of a huge capital market and modern technologies, which when marched with the huge market in Nigeria will produce optimum harvest mutually. Thanks to the economic reforms pursued vigorously by the Yaradua administration, Nigeria is set to join the 20 strongest world economies by 2020. The future is indeed bright!


The establishment of NBF-SWISS is a major private sector business initiative based on investment facilitation mechanism, where relevant business stakeholders and foreign investors are brought to one location, coordinated and streamlined to give room to business relationships and foster mutual investment opportunities, to march the growing interest of investors in the Nigerian and Swiss economies.